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Stained Glass Scrap Pendant Tutorials | Easy Soldering and Basic Glass Cutting

My uncle used to do stain glass work.  He very kindly let me have some of his old scraps. Woot, woot!  So now I need to figure out how to cut up glass pieces and put them together with the tinning technique used in stain glass.  This tutorial by Lindsay Weirich shows how easy it is.

The instructor above does not show how to cut up glass into simple shapes. Check out this great basic glass cutting tutorial by Delphi Glass Creativity Center.  3 different glass cutting tools - handheld glass cutters, running pliers, and breaking pliers - are demonstrated.

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  1. I love soft soldering on anything!

    I've got a few pieces of coloured glass that I want to put together and this is a great incentive and tutorial to get that happening!!

    Thanks Pearl!


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