I do like to feature really fast jewelry making ideas or demos from time to time. This easy 2 minute leather lariat necklace tutorial is quick to do. The tutorial is by Laura over on IsLaura ( link no longer available). A great project to use if you have a long gift list but are short on time. It is also a great bead stash buster. You do not need to have the beads all the same size but they must be able to just pass through the loop of the necklace.

This is also a good design for people who are metal allergic.

Just one additional tip.  Make sure that the leather cord end trimmed well and not poking into skin.

The tutorial is in Italian. So if you need it to be translated, follow these instructions.  Computer users : Use the Chrome browser, right click anywhere on the page and select "translate to English".  Mobile device users : Download the Chrome app, add the URL. The app asks if you wish to translate. 

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