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Easy Wire and Pearl Angel Ornament Tutorial

Still need some ornaments for your Christmas tree?  Time might be short now but this easy wire and pearl angel ornament tutorial won't take long. It is by Beads Art.  You don't have to use pearls - round beads will do.  But pearls will certainly add an elegant luster to the ornaments.

She uses the metric system. But here is the conversion. 0.4mm wire = 26 gauge!

Consider using different color schemes and make a set!!

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  1. I'm going to have to come back to these angel tutorials for next year's sales.

    These are sweet and I can see them on a tree or shrunk down in size for earrings.

    1. The earrings idea is a good one! I might try that with round crystals!!

  2. “I really like this tutorial its a great idea for children to make Christmas decorations, or just for fun.”


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