The hardware store is a wunderland full of jewelry making ideas to be.  For example, twisting wire into tight spirals and then hammering it flat produces awesome looking bangles.  This particular tutorial by DIYDavis on Instructables uses copper and steel wire harvested/stripped from hardware store supplies. You don't have to do the same as you can get thick wire from jewelry suppliers!

Kate over on MinieCo has a hex nut macrame bracelet which is different from the one I featured before. The brass hex nuts will eventually turn into mellow vintage brass!  You can finish the ends differently - perhaps sew a button and use the loop end to create the fastener?

Kirsten Nunez of Wild Amor uses a piping coupling to go over the join in a glitter filled vinyl tube!  If you do not fancy a vinyl tube, remember there are all kinds of tubes that could do with a piping coupling cover the join and to spice things up!  You know - kumihimo, bead crochet ropes, beaded ropes, even braided cord or paracord.

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