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Easy Wavy Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Looking for an easy beading project?  This one might suit you!  It is an easy beaded necklace tutorial which uses bugles and seed beads in a wavy manner.  Perfect for beginners or those simply short of time! The tutorial is by ViPBiser.

Those of you who are beaders can figure how it is done - just adding more seed beads on one side to make the line curve.

Using gold beads gives the illusion of a luxurious gold necklace.  Since it is worn on someone who moves, perhaps the necklace will appear to be undulating?

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  1. ViP Biser's tutorials themselves are always stunning! I wonder what program is used to make them? I'm thinking After Effects. If you ever find out, be sure to let me know.

    1. I have no idea! You could drop a comment on the youtube video and ask! There are many programs out there. Here is one for the free Inkscape drawing program


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