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Gold Lame Thread Crochet Earrings Tutorial

This gold lame thread crochet earrings tutorial by Alexis of Persia Lou is so elegant. A great change from yarn crochet tutorials we typically see.  It looks metallic but is not. Score!  This tutorial is best for those familiar with crochet. Note the crochet instructions are in US terminology.

If you ever want to try doing this with metal, I suggest using soft copper or even fine silver which is much more flexible than even soft sterling silver.  Some experimentation with hook sizes will be required in order to make the stitches closer together.

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  1. This is Something I could try ! Thank you !

  2. I like the combination of soft and hard. For me I'm particular to either copper or silver with turquoise. Have never combined a gold colour with it.

    1. You are right. It is not a common combination. Most people do go with copper or silver.

  3. I used to make gold crochet earrings a while back. Didnt know that it was called lame thread then


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