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Spiral Wire Wrapped Christmas Tree Earrings Tutorial

This tutorial for a spiral wire wrapped Christmas tree earrings is by Christina Larsen of CSL Designs. It is not a difficult technique as you will be wire wrapping the beads on a double wire frame. The tricky bit comes when you have to bend the wire wrapped frame into a spiral shape. Christina just does it with her hands. She has clearly done this many times before.

If I were to make this, I might consider making a simple cone out of resin or polymer clay to use it as a mandrel.

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  1. Very cute! Depending on how wide you want the bottom of the spiral, there are a couple of 'every day item' options for forming.
    My go to mandrels are nearly always knitting needles. With the current popularity trend of super chunky yarns, you can get needles in really large sizes. Even if you don't knit, they work really well for many things, including bails and jump rings.

    The other item I use for this type of work now that my hands are succumbing to more arthritic pain is the top of a mustard squeeze bottle. Yeah, I know, sounds weird. But the type of forming her is a bit of a delicate job, so the softer plastic can work.
    I fill the bottle almost all the way to the top with clean sand - which makes it really easy to grip. You could use salt, or sugar, or rice, too.
    Then wind your piece around the tapered top.

    Works for wire end caps, too. :-)
    You can also use an empty container for a caulk gun. (cleaned, of course) or a pastry tip, or a meat basting syringe. (yes, I have used all of these at some point in the past, depending on the size and shape of what I needed. :-) )

    1. I too love knitting needles - I use them all the time. They have the size built in for jump ring making!!

      Your suggestion for the mustard squeeze bottle is brilliant!! Thanks for sharing


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