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Faux Wood Grain Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorials

Polymer clay is a wonderful art medium.  So if you want to make fun, nature inspired or special themed jewelry, then polymer clay is for you. This first one by Alina Salina is for a cool Hobbit Door polymer clay necklace. Perfect for any Tolkien fan!

You first need to see how she creates faux wood grain.

Then how to use that technique for the hobbit door necklace!  She made molds of real stone pieces to make the polymer clay "rocks" at the bottom of the door.

This next tutorial by Velvetorium is for a wood grain and moss polymer clay ring.   She shares how she uses tools to create the effect. Wouldn't it be cool if there were a tiny clay woodpecker as well?

She didn't demonstrate in the tutorial but you do have to remove the polymer clay creation after baking and apply glue to make sure the clay sticks to the ring blank.

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  1. I learned how to make faux wood from Christi Friesen and it was easy and lots of fun!

    The lesson was to create a faux wood box with a fish in it. I ended up making a faux wood fishing creel with a devil fish coming out of it.

    Faux wood canes can be used for a million things in polymer clay designs. There's something about that look that inspires one. The canes don't even need to be in wood colours - do they?

    1. That creel design sounds wonderful! No, the canes do not have to be wood colors!


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