I can't believe it. But here I am marking my 10th blogging anniversary! On that distant day, January 4, 2007, I embarked on this journey with a simple aim. I needed a website as my then students asked if I had one. I thought a blog rather than a static website was a great way of sharing their creations online. Little did I know then that it would grow to what it is today - a place to share creative ideas and inspirations for this wonderful craft.

A lot of effort goes into this blog - much of which is behind the scenes. Not counting my cats who often keep me company, there is just me. No other staff members! I wear many hats - jewelry designer, writer, editor (not always on the ball with editing), publisher, webmaster, social media person and so on.

My Gratitude
But my blog would not be possible without all your encouragement and tips through emails, comments and subscriptions, the contributions of thousands of generous jewelry artisans and the support of wonderful sponsors. So a big thank you!

I do incur various expenses in keeping all of it going. The ads and small affiliate fees I receive when any of you choose to shop through my blog go a long way in supporting this blog. Another big round of thanks.

There are, to date, 4220 published posts - more than one a day over the past decade! So policing the blog for bad or outdated links is a never ending and growing task. I thank the many readers who take the time to let me know when something needs correcting or updating. This helps everyone as people still search and refer to older posts.

Where to Read My Blog
I am delighted to learn many of you read my blog as you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Did you know you have an option of subscribing via email (daily or weekly) so you don't miss a post?

Following my blog on Bloglovin' is another alternative if your inbox is threatening to explode! It has a lovely Pinterest-like format and you can save posts from all your favorite blogs there too. They have great mobile apps.

I share all my blog posts on Facebook,Twitter  and Google + which is convenient for those of you who hang out there.  I also share other things on Facebook and Twitter - interesting ideas or fun items which do not make the cut on my blog. I am an avid pinner - I share a lot on my Pinterest, not just jewelry related pins. Go ahead and be nosy and see what I pin!!

Tips on Blogging
Some of you have wondered how I manage to write this blog. While I do not recommend you attempt a daily blog, some sort of regularity is necessary. The only way to cope is to schedule your posts ahead of time as I do.

Writing, like making jewelry and other skills, takes practice and with time, writing becomes easier and you will develop your own style or "blog voice". So hang in there!

What are Your Favorite Techniques?
Now it is your turn! Let me know in the comments what you want to see in the coming years. Share with me what your favorite techniques are. Or perhaps what you really enjoyed in the past and would like to see again.  (I regret the bejeweled historical biographies which so many of you loved are not returning as I no longer have the time.)

A New Year of Creativity
Last but not least, I wish all of you a Happy New Year! Go forth and be creative. But remember, just like blogging one post at a time, learning new skills, reaching your creative goals, opening your online store, all these things are best achieved bit by bit.

This adorable little girl says it right about all the New Year resolutions we make!

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