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How to Mark Round Nose Pliers with Metal Gauges

Many people use this trick to make consistently sized wire loops. They mark their round nose pliers with a marker pen. But take it a little further and SIZE that loop. One great tip from Lisa Niven Kelly (see my Make Your Own Wire Findings class review) is to use proper calipers like this one.  But what if you do not have one?

A bead sizer tool if you've got one like mine is even easier to use. You can easily move your marker pen all around the cone of the pliers. It's not so easy to do so with calipers!

I mark my pliers to indicate the 3 and 4 mm sizes using my bead size tool gauge! A fine marker pen is best to ensure as much accuracy as possible.

Round nose pliers come in different sizes.  The bottom of the cones of my pliers was actually 5 mm so there was no need to mark them. I just have 3 and 4 mm marks.

Can't find the same kind of bead sizer tool?  There are also great knitting needle sizer tools like this one which work just as well for 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm markings.  (I used to knit and found this gauge buried with my old knitting needles!)

You can also check the sizes of loose beads which have escaped your bead supply boxes by simply putting the gauge over them! Just make sure that the gauge is sitting on the "equator" of the bead first to be certain of the size.

The other alternatives are to purchase bail forming pliers or step pliers.

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  1. This is a great tip Pearl. I used to mark my pliers but then the marks kept getting rubbed off due to use. I prefer to use step pliers now

    1. I too like my bail forming pliers which they make in different sizes. But the step pliers I have makes rather large loops and not the size I want. This tutorial suits those who do not wish to buy more tools. Remarking the pliers is indeed necessary.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great tip. Of all the things I do have, I do not have a bead sizing tool - looks like I'll be buying one very soon.

    1. They are useful especially if you have loose beads and want to check.


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