People with long hair often wear their hair ties to have them handy.  But they are tight to wear and are sometimes unsightly with tufts of hair visible!  TUCK by Koli Collective, a stylish bangle solves the problem because it has a channel which hides the hair tie.  Form, function and style! You get to have the hair tie handy but it looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry.

The patent pending bracelets are made from stainless steel and are vacuum plated with either silver or gold. There is also a sterling silver option. The unisex appeal is definitely there - don't forget man buns!

The designer behind the minimalist styled bracelet is a Californian architecture student, Cynthia Abi Naked. She rose to the 2 year challenge of getting this project up and running. The crowd source funding goal on Kickstarter has already been met with still a few more days to go.  Some of early bird specials are still available.

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