Not all of you sell jewelry but those of you who do certainly appreciate the need for good photography judging from the comments in last week's giveaway.  It is even more important as people are shopping more online these days.  Just ask Diane Wong!  She said, "I really need to learn how to photograph my jewelry now that the one brick and mortar store where I have it is going through a drastic slowdown."

 Margaret, a beader, actually takes some of my local lessons. Here is what she said, "I have watched you take pictures at your jewellery making classes and I said to myself " some day I'll be able to do that!" I bought the studio photo box and looked at them but I need how to take pictures too."  Little does she know that it is quite a challenge to take good photos at Iguana Beads, the bead shop where I teach where the light is not optimal for photography.  So editing is key.  Some of these bead shop photos are shared on my Instagram.

The webinar is scheduled for 2 pm Sunday January 22.  If your name isn't among the winners, and you still want to attend the webinar  just drop me an email at

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My apologies but Lex McColl will not be attending next Sunday's webinar.  I had originally used an old newsletter template in error.  When I contacted him to ask him anyway, he said he would love to take part again but perhaps another time as he has family conflicts this weekend.

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. The 3 lucky readers who each won a free pass to next Sunday's webinar are : Margaret Kahlmeier, Nan Smith, and Beverly Borwick.

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