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How to Make Puffy Heart and Animal Polymer Clay Brooches

There are two ways of making puffy polymer clay creations. The first way is demonstrated by Ron Lehocky. He is a Kentucky physician with a passion for making incredible polymer clay heart brooches. The proceeds from his creations help fund the Kids Center where he works.

This amazing video, courtesy of Cynthia Tinapple, shows how he is able to churn out so many heart pins.  As of January 1, 2017, he has made an astounding 37,068 over 11 years!  A doctor with a big heart indeed!

He uses just a few heart templates but lets his creativity fly with different color patterns and textures.  I love his technique of cutting a bezel into the middle polymer clay layer to make the puffy heart stand out.  Fun ways with different tools to add details!

Ron does not like to use cookie cutters. But his way uses up more clay and takes up a bit more time.

The other way is the hollow bead technique which is achieved with cutters. It is a popular technique used by polymer clay artists.  Check out Nan's translucent clay pendant tutorial which I wrote about before.

Also check out this puffy animal polymer clay tutorial by Fruitensse.  She demonstrates how she colors and textures the polymer clay sheets and makes the patchwork pattern and lastly how she cuts out the shapes in a puffy manner.  As you can see it is a very different approach from Ron Lehocky's.

There is no right way or wrong way. Just what you prefer!

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  1. I think Dr. Ron Lehocky is a truly amazing person! Not only does he give most of his time in his profession but whatever spare time he has he makes hearts. Who does that?! Bless him!!

    Loved both tutorials. Very inspirational for me! And also so perfect with Feb. 14th just around the corner!

  2. I love Dr. Ron! I feel very privileged to call him a friend. So generous and extremely talented and of course is known for his amazing polymer hearts for his special kids center charity. A truly unique and special man. This video is a great demo of his technique. Thanks for featuring him Pearl.

  3. Very interesting to see how he achieved the puffy shape and as he says it can be freeing to just work on one item but creates 1000s of variations of that one item

    1. I agree, he does make a good point. I often wonder if I should just focus on one design element.


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