There have been some designs I like where there is more emphasis on the back of the earlobes.  See the first two links below.  Ear jackets are yet another variation.  I love this tutorial by Meredith Joy Designs.  It shows the use of a jig to make a wire work ear jacket pearl earrings!

The jig she used is the Artistic Wire Findings Connector. It is less costly than the peg style of wire jig like this metal Thing-a-Ma-Jig which I have. There is also a cheap plastic Thing-a-Ma-Jig. Note the peg style ones are more versatile as you can create all kinds of wire connections, not just the one style.

When you make a wrapped loop for the top part of the ear jacket, don't make it too small as you will have to put the post through it.  Also consider a wider style of earnuts backings like these:

The wider earnuts will help keep the ear jackets from moving around too much. They are also more comfortable to wear.

Some time ago, somebody on social media (it went viral) thought that the plastic bits of these ear nuts had to be removed. Not so!  They are designed for stability.

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