Ukrainian wire artist, Oksana Turkhan, has a marvelous wire woven bangle tutorial which is reminiscent of basket weaving. This one has no clasp. The core consists of a coil of 13 G copper wire with the wire weaving part done with 24 G wire.  13 G wire might be hard to get but 14 G wire will also do!  I would stick with her suggested 24 G for the wrapping part and resist going to thinner gauge like 26 or 28 G. The reason is, 24 G is thicker and will look better.

Her tutorial only covers the wire weaving part. She does not show how she wraps and decorates the ends of the thick gauge wire with beads.  That will be up to one's own creativity!

She does use a long piece of wrapping wire.  Working wire a lot makes it hard and brittle. So she anneals it when she has to!  At the 8:30 min mark, she actually breaks out the hand held torch and directed the flame on the stiff wire leading to the work.

Annealing the wire will blacken the copper.  As she said, you can clean it off with citric acid. Lemon and lime juice are the best natural sources. Both have been shown to be richer in citric acid than orange juice or grapefruit.  But then again, if you are going to oxidize it with liver of sulfur or an alternative, why bother?

Check out this past tutorial of mine which covers how to patinate and finish a wire wrapped copper pendant.

I also liked Jennifer Beidermann's unisex wire woven cuff tutorial where the basket weaving part is framed with hammered wire. She also demonstrates the making of a traditional style clasp.

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