Many of you will agree that the Nunn Design's jewelry designs are simply scrumptious!  Becky and her team certainly play a lot with the components using resin and resin clay as well as metal based cold connection techniques.  As a result of that discovery process, they have come up with some innovative design tutorials.  You can see the full "cheat sheet" tutorials on the Nunn Design Tutorial Board over on Pinterest.   Here are my resin jewelry tutorial favorites from that collection :

Cutting Up Free Form Resin Pieces

This is a brilliant idea to use up the last bit of resin.  I would pour the resin onto waxed paper and let it harden a little but it will be somewhat limp and soft enough to cut. This is about 8 - 9  hours after pouring for the brand I use (Little Window's Brilliant Resin) - it might be different for other brands. Nunn Design has their own resin which cures with uv light.  Do not wait until resin fully cures otherwise you cannot cut it!

Resin Impression Designs Using Open Bezels and Silicone Molding Putty

This is a very clever idea to get a subtle metallic effect using the impressions of organic material. As the bezel is embedded right in the molding putty, the design is created in situ.

Coloring Metal Components with Resin and Metallic Mica powders

We use different kinds of color products to add brighter hues to metal components such as Gilder's Paste. The pigments sometimes don't adhere well. You also need to add a protective varnish.  Well, this tutorial by Stephanie Gard Buss shows you how you can do it all in one step with resin and mica powders! Jacquard Pearl EX powders are wonderful to use because of their opalescent hues!

Hope this gets your creative juices going!

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