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Everlasting Flower Polymer Clay Earrings Tutorial

I've been trying to find and grow everlasting flowers (Helichrysum) in the garden for a while. Even if they are just annuals in my northern garden. When dried they can be used in real flower jewelry (see my tutorial) . But there is another alternative! Make everlasting flower polymer clay jewelry instead! The tutorial by someone called Funny Monkey on this Russian site is worth a look!

The designer does not explain how to to get the color blends.  Use the Skinner blend technique for this. Check out my post with the tutorial links here.

I think she could have made the mauve color a bit lighter and more translucent to better match the real everlasting flower she was using as her inspiration. You can just barely see the yellow in the picture above.

The picture also shows the step before the wires are bent into ear wires (see this previous tutorial of mine for all in one rondelle earrings).  Use a simple mandrel like a dowel or your large bail forming pliers to curve the wire.

She did a great job at the back of the earrings!

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1 comment:

  1. I think she did a wonderful job on those flowers.

    I can easily imagine how hard it is to place all those little petals and still have the yellow showing.

    We don't have those flowers here so I'm not familiar with them. Does the yellow show before they open fully or is it mostly the main colour you see before they really open? They sure are beautiful!

    Nice tutorial. I've never tried to do a multiple layer like that in polymer clay. Mainly because it's so difficult.. :0)


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