Shrink plastic is a favorite with many Etsy sellers and crafters alike. This is not surprising as the medium allows you to create all kinds of artwork with no more than either a toaster oven or a heat gun** (not your hairdryer!) typically used for embossing powders. Not to mention have lots of fun in the process.

I've covered shrink plastic rings and other jewelry before (see links below). People often just stamp or hand draw for regular band rings. But I love this tutorial demonstrated by The Bead Shop (Nottingham, UK) which is from Kathy Sheldon's Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!: Make Stylish Shrink Plastic Jewelry book.  It appears to have almost 5 stars in rating on Amazon reflecting the popularity of the material!

You can also design your own ring by measuring one of your own and then calculating the correct width and length.  Shrink plastic will shrink down approximately 3 times.

I've been asked before on where to get shrink plastic.  If you are in the UK, The Bead Shop stocks shrink plastic jewelry making materials, tools and book.  For this side of the pond, try Michaels or   get it on Amazon -  Shrinky Dinks. Grafix is another brand.

**Why a heat gun and not a hair dryer?  Hair dryers also have fans to blow out and distribute the heat which will also mean you will be blowing off your shrink plastic bits or embossing powders! Heat guns are generally lower wattage and can concentrate the heat on a smaller area.  I didn't know this but the manufacturer of this Embossing Multi-Purpose Heat Tool says you can use it for shrink wrapping too.

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