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Easy Wire Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial Using a Bracelet Frame

It is probably a little too daunting for beginner wire workers to attempt a full wire wrapped bracelet. So if you're in this group, consider baby steps.  Gloria of Domestic Diva Online has an easy wire wrapped bracelet tutorial using a bracelet frame.

She used a hinged bracelet frame.  If you can't get one of these, consider a secondhand one. Go ahead and make yourself a frame if you are a little further along in the wire working arena. Another suggestion is to wire 2 thin bangles together (see first link below).  Or you could purchase an open frame like this one.

Use Gloria's tutorial as a jumping off point where you can custom designs of your own to fit whatever frame you are working on.

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  1. On the one way, it's a simple tutorial but there is another side to it - first, Gloria has calculated and gives the exact measurements for this specific frame to make it even easier, and second - similar elements and wrapping can be used in more complex designs for added visual interest.

    1. You are right that she has made it easier. She does inspire though how to use her basic techniques to handle different frames.


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