How would you like to make your own beautiful copper bead caps?  I do not mean making the discs and punching holes in them. But rather, creating your own patterns on them.  This tutorial by Laura over at Chestnut Ridge Designs, shows you how easy it is to do so using a ferric chloride solution. She used PCB Etchant solution but you could also use other makes.

You can buy copper washers from many places - hardware stores, Princess Auto (Canada), Harbor Freight (US) -  in bulk too. Just be sure of the size before you do so.  These copper washers are generously sized and are thus ideal for use with large hole beads.

You can also make your own if you have a disc cutter and good metal punch like the Euro Power Punch Plier ( I have this tool myself and punching is so much easier). It can punch hole sizes 3/32 inch, 1/8 inch, 5/32 inch, 3/16 inch, 7/32 inch, 1/4 inch, 9/32 inch and up to as thick as 16G metal sheets. Very little effort needed.

Laura does not expand on how to patina copper.  You could use the tried and true liver of sulfur. But if you hate the stink, try Gun Blue like  Birchwood Casey PSP Gun Blue. There are several makes, not just this brand. Canadians can get it at Canadian Tire in the hunting division. See my past post on Gun Blue vs Liver of Sulfur where I demonstrate its use on different metals. It is very good for copper!

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