Do you like to crochet?  Here is a wonderful tutorial by the bead crochet instructor, Ann Benson, for a reversible bead crochet tutorial.  The best thing is you do not need any fancy stitches - just the 3 most basic ones - slip stitch, chain stitch and single crochet. The reversible part is handy as it doesn't matter which is the wrong side. Just which pattern you want to see that day if the inside is different from the outside.

This is a thread crochet technique. You are basically crocheting in a round which is then flattened.  Ann gives a ton of tips and tricks - even a refresher if you can't quite remember the basic stitches.

She uses a foundation strip inside the tube to give it strength.  Glue on magnetic clasps as used.  I like the safety chain on this finding as magnetic bracelets are easy to lose if not!

If you cannot figure out how to string the beads in the right order for pretty patterns, you can get some PDFs from her Etsy store, AnnBensonBeading.

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