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Easy Cabochon Polymer Clay Cuff Tutorial

Polymer clay enthusiasts will like this easy cabochon cuff tutorial by Teresa Pandora Salgado. Simple to make but the results are gorgeous with the use of a texture plate, mica powder and pretty glass cabochons.

She uses a metal base to help her form the cuff which is then removed after baking.  The cabochons are used to make impressions in the clay.  The cuff is baked without them. This is a good idea if you are using gemstone cabochons and unsure if they might be affected by the heat.

This is part of a bracelet making kit sold by Tiny Pandora.  I like the clear acrylic strip in the kit which helps you see where to cut. But you could make do without or perhaps cut your own guide strip from some stiff clear plastic.

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  1. Good tutorial!

    I really liked the texture plate she used. It's a great pattern!

    The acrylic in the size of the cuff form is also nice. Cutting your polymer in the exact size isn't always that easy - even with measuring.

    I'm wondering about the chain and clasp on a cuff. Is it really necessary? I haven't found a cuff to come off that easily when you wear it unless it's too big.

    I'm wondering if anyone else puts a clasp and chain on a cuff and if it's something I'm missing out on.

    1. I agree that using a cuff form means that you can check if it is the right size before you make it.

      No, it isn't essential for the chain and clasp - just a nice design element. Although some people might want that extra security.


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