Gallery wire is a pretty strip of patterned precious metal wire. Metalsmiths use gallery wire as bezels. But some, like this previously featured designer, also use them to make delicate rings!  It is not hard to do if you know how to solder. Metalsmith Soham Harrison shared his basic gallery ring tutorial.

He covers the basic soldering, pickling, sizing and work hardening of the ring.

Gallery wire is very delicate. Soham has an alternative tutorial where he overlaid the gallery wire on a narrow strip of sterling silver. This resulted in a more substantial ring. Twice the work as he had to make 2 rings.  Precision measurement and adjustments are required to make sure the gallery wire ring sits just right over the metal band.

He had previously embossed a pattern on one side of the metal band thus making the inside of the ring distinctive.

Note : Gallery wire comes in different widths.

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