Stamping metal jewelry has been a favorite method of personalizing designs for a long time.  But recently this metal technique has really ramped up with more complex stamping combinations.  Combined with other wire and metal work, the potential for all kinds of unique designs is infinite.

I recently received this latest book, New Stamped Metal Jewelry from the publisher, Interweave | F+W Media for review.  The authors, Lisa Niven Kelly and Taryn McCabe, demonstrate over 23 beautiful projects just how effective using multiple stamps can be.

The book does cover all the basics including the various tools and darkening solutions needed for stamping.   But the advanced techniques for example, intricate mandala making and words and phrases are what sets this book apart from Lisa's original metal stamping book. Both the authors emphasized again and again, the need to practice. A lot.  And being firm about striking.

The beginning of the book also incorporated numerous tips for edge stamping, half stamping and mandala stamping.  Also handy is the Tilt 'n Tap approach they share for beginners who struggle with stamping.

There are many, many stamps available these days (see this post about Impressart stamp sets and where to get them ) but the book also invites makers to really consider letter sets in different ways. When combined and used in multitude, they don't look like letters.  One example in the book has little m's all around the edge of a round disc.

Wire Entrapped Fancy Stone Pendant

Many stamping blanks in different shapes are readily available. But this book inspires one to use metal work techniques such as cutting and sawing as well as riveting to create custom shapes and layered designs.  Some of the larger bent metal designs require torch annealing to get the metal soft enough to properly shape it. All that stamping hardens the metal!  So while I expected to see a dapping block and punch like this one used, the authors preferred to use different pliers instead of a dapping block and punch as most of their designs are not round.

Stamped Chandelier Earrings
Punching holes in the metal pieces is also an essential technique to learn. The Wire Entrapped Fancy Stone Pendant, the Stamped Chandelier Earrings and the Wire Stitched Earrings are three splendid examples where multiple holes add to the design as well as allow for the wire connections.

The Dia De Los Muertos Pendant is a gorgeous example of how to create a two layer riveted design with depth built into the design. Holes are cut out of the eyes and nose for the top layer. The bottom layer has darkened stamping where those holes are.

Dia De Los Muertos Pendant

Wire Stitched Earrings

Riveted Plaque Ring

Riveted Bangle
I struggled to choose the designs to feature. And yet, after re-reading the book, there were other designs I felt should not have been excluded - the Peter Pan collar and the multi layered, mixed metal flower ring (top right on the book cover) are two which come to mind.  In short, the majority of the projects were stunning as well as innovative and they made it very hard to select!

I highly recommend this stamping book for learning and taking stamping to a higher degree of creativity. Truly inspirational.

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