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Comic Book Style Art Charm Jewelry by theGorgonist

US based Robin Robinson is the gifted illustrator behind theGorgonist which also sells comic book style art charm jewelry.  As the designer says, they are all "monstrously charming"!  This artist has "one foot in pop culture and another in classic kid literature" creates many delightful illustrations as you can see on RobinRobinsonIllustration.

Kraken Wakes

Her charm jewelry shows off her distinctive art style. She has her illustrations printed on acyrlic and wood by InkItLabs, a printing service. She is able to convey depth with both her color work as well as the thick acrylic used - this is most noticeable in the bubble tea earrings below.

Chambered Nautilus
This successful artist also has a smart marketing idea. She says : "All of these jewelry designs are limited to about 50 pieces, so collect them while you can!"

Sea Nettle Jellyfish Necklace

Cheshire Cat Necklace

Barred Owl Necklace

Curious Kraken Octopus Necklace

Fox Necklace

Blue Bird of Happiness Necklace

Bubble Tea Earrings

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  1. Love the bird and the cage one. It has so much depth and doesn't look like a print

  2. I'd wear all those pieces! Each one of them gave me a chuckle - and shouldn't your jewelry make you happy when you are wearing it?

    (I didn't see one ball chain either!) :0)


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