I've featured concrete jewelry before.  This past concrete brooch tutorial uses silicon molds.  But you can also make your own card stock form as shown by this easy concrete pendant tutorial by Married to the Earth.

The smallest amount of cement is several pounds too much for jewelry makers. So this instructor actually shared the proportion you need in teaspoon quantities!

I like how she laid the chains across the forms so they will be embedded into pendants.  Having the drill concrete after it sets won't be fun at all!

I wonder if we could add glitter to the concrete mix rather than activated charcoal used in the tutorial?

You can polish it smooth after the concrete hardens completely.  Consider adding metal leaf and a varnish layer. Or perhaps some acrylic artwork?  The possibilities are endless!

Another alternative to regular concrete is  Shapecrete.  All you have to do is add water to it. It works like clay - you can mold it, shape it, roll it, sculpt with it etc. It will dry into a hard concrete in 24 hours without baking.

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