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Hand Painted Polymer Clay Jewelry by BlockPartyPress

Baltimore based polymer clay artist, Tamara of BlockPartyPress makes distinctive pieces. They are that way because they are handmade from start to finish. She explains,  "I hand draw all of my designs, carve all of my own stamps, cut-out all of the components, hand paint each piece and then finish with my own form of intentional distressing. While I can make multiples of a design, each piece is hand finished. I distress until it "feels" right to me."

Her acrylic painting of her stamped polymer clay designs and deft touch with the distressing process is what gives the unique look and feel of a block print.  Her creativity also knows no bounds.  I had a hard time trying to pick my favorites to showcase here!

Tamara said, "I started this shop over 7 years ago as a way to bring in some money doing something I loved while being able to stay at home with my boys."  She is still at it as creating her wonderful jewelry line is clearly a passion. This designer is committed to every detail and her crisp, clear photography style is also inspirational!

H/T to Aims for this find.

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  1. This artist is really amazing isn't she?! Not only her process - but the fact that she rocks being in touch with her 'inner child'. That's what I see when I look at her pieces - and - I think she absolutely makes it work!

    Each piece has that look of something out of my youth. The distressing makes it look like a well worn (and well loved) piece at that.

    Taking the simple things and making them into a statement really works. Like her pencils and paintbrushes - the books... Even drawing a heart with initials in it and an arrow - that's something right out of everyone's youth!

    Brilliantly done!

  2. Agreed. I think her distressing technique really makes her designs shine!!

  3. Oh, that book stack pendant! I keep discovering how versatile polymer clay can be, when one is creative!


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