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I've featured one of Jennifer Beidermann's wire woven cuffs before. It was a design with a traditional frame and clasp.  But she also teaches how to make a claspless 6 wire woven cuff.  This is thus an easier design for less experienced wire workers to try.  A good project to learn how to do this style of wire basket weaving.

The wire ends are scrolled - less daunting than having to create a proper clasp for this style of cuff!

She used 18 G for the foundation and 28 G wire for the weaving. Soft temper wire is a must.  Practice with copper which is a soft wire.  But when you move on to precious metal, I've found fine silver is much easier to use as a weaving wire than sterling silver.

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  1. I like the scrolling ends on this cuff. They give it a nice elegant look.

    Jennifer's other tutorial was for both men and women. That's got me thinking about what kind of finish you could put on this cuff to make it unisex.

    1. I think the dark patina will be the choice for unisex designs, don't you?


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