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Reticulated Polymer Clay Cuff with Button Tutorial

Remember Nadia Elkina's wonderful reticulated earrings and bracelet tutorial I wrote about a while ago?  She has a lovely way of crumpling thin sheets of polymer clay to make those unique folded jewelry pieces.  This is another one of her approaches. This time for a reticulated polymer clay cuff complete with button accent.

The tutorial is in spoken Russian. But the subtitles are in English so you should be able to follow along.

The button has to be removed in order to put the cuff on.  So the designer glued on magnets. What is interesting is the use of a magnet on just one side of the cuff middle and on the button.   I think I would have done two magnet positions just to be sure of the hold.

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  1. When I first saw this tutorial I was really attracted to the neat way she's folded the clay.
    The colour of the cuff is a little offsetting but some will find it perfect!
    How artists come up with ideas to get around problems is really wonderful. We are a smart group of people I think!


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