Readers often send me tips on awesome designers they have come across. One, Neva, mentioned rather glowingly about her granddaughter-in-law's salvaged wood jewelry designs.  I had a look at California-based Angie Scooma's Woodkeeps  (also on Etsy as Company Kind)and was suitably impressed with the eco concept and contemporary approach.

Woodkeeps is Angie's team effort with her husband's fine cabinetry business. The salvaged wood comes from "overshoots and cut-offs" of the furniture making process. So very little is wasted as she is able to reclaim or recycle these scraps.

They do use laser cutters to produce the clean cuts for the minimalist jewelry pieces. The designs often benefit from the varied wood grains and natural wood colors.  The beautiful wood is allowed to shine as the pieces are just coated with a non-toxic hypoallergenic finish.

Angie explained, "We started small with big ideas and zero time. In the beginning, with Rob being consumed with the demands of Maker's Edge (formally known as Scooma Woodworks) and myself squeezing in bits of time from being wife, mom of three (now 4) wild little boys, lots of bookkeeping, and never ending projects, WoodKeeps often seemed like a nice dream. Somehow, between the help of friends and family, all-nighters, and endless work weeks, we found time to grow."

And grow they did.  They are now a team of 5 who manage and create the jewelry, furniture and other small wood products.

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