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How to Transfer Napkin Designs to Polymer Clay!

I have often seen some  pretty paper napkins but never actually considered using them for jewelry designs. But Patricia Roberts-Thompson did. She picked napkins with water color flowers for her easy transfer tutorial.  She made some bookmarks and round pendants.

The inks from the napkin are burnished onto the clay pieces and then the whole thing is baked.  The paper part is soaked and rubbed away.

What this instructor did next was to enhance the designs with alcohol inks and water brushed to blend. I think you do have to choose your napkin designs carefully to get good results.  An alternative to color washes is to use fine black markers to add accent borders.

H/T to Aims for this find!

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  1. I think this tutorial should make napkin makers comer up with a new slogan - 'Napkins - not just for dirty faces' -

    Certainly makes you look at napkins in a different way when you see them on the store shelves....

  2. I've tried this multiple times, but I'm not getting the image to transfer! I only get a very faint hint of color, but it is not working at all. I'm very determined to make these, maybe my choice of napkins is not good? Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Yes, I would try different napkins. They vary in pigments used and intensity of color. Another variable might well be the brand of clay.


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