As many of you know, making wire crochet jewelry is a tad tricky.  The tutorial is by Elena Sheva makes it easier! This instructor does something different, she forms "petals" from loops of chains!

In order to make even wire chains, it is important to poke your crochet hook through each complete chain until you reach the largest part of the crochet hook. This action basically "sets" the shape of the chain.

Each flower is actually made up of 3 slightly different sized wire flowers which are wired together with the focal bead at the end.

The tutorial is in Russian. So either use Google Translate or follow my favorite method. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, right click and select translate to EnglishFor mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked. 

Another tutorial I liked is Kara of Petals to Picots' Crochet Wire Bead Medallion earrings. You do need to pre-string the beads. 

Kara also created simple and small wire crochet earrings for those who prefer something littler! This project is best for someone who is new to wire crochet.

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