This great wire wrapped gemstone chip tree brooch tutorial by Albina Manning can be customized in so many ways. It is like a modified tree of life design.  You could wire the tree with more branches and make it fuller. Mix the chips or substitute with beads to give it a different look.  Perhaps even make a resin clay vase which can attach to the brooch finding with ease due to its adhesive properties. Those are just a few ideas which popped into my head when I first saw it.

Another idea comes from this past post for a different style of tree brooch where you could introduce family birthstone colors.

I also love these Pin Brooch to a Pendant Converters.  If you are reasonably adept at wire work, you could make your own based on a wire coil for the tube part. You can see how I converted some brooches into pendants in this past post How to Make Convertible Brooch Pendant Necklaces.

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