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How to Make 3 Styles of Wire Hook Clasps

Making your own clasps really increases the handmade aspect of your jewelry designs.  Lily-tree has 3 styles of wire hook clasps in her tutorial.   The first one is the simplest kind.  But the others are sure different and fun.  You will need 18 or 20 G wire.

I generally recommend 18 G  for clasps which is thicker and thus stronger.  Thicker wire also looks less anemic. However, 20 G will be easier to use for the knotted wire clasp. This third style also requires balling the wire ends with a torch and pickling (cleaning in a dilute acid) afterwards.

I love how this designer teamed up each of her clasps. The simplest one with hammered wire connectors (Lisa Yang has a great tutorial for this).  The second one goes with a chain maille bracelet and the knotted one features similar knotted connectors!

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  1. Things just look wrong if you finish off a beautiful hand made creation with a cheap manufactured clasp. I admit I do it but I've mostly veered
    away from that and make my own.

    These are great. Love the knotted one!!

  2. great tutorial - I love how simple the second clasp is


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