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Wire Wrapped Cabochon Tutorial Uses Gear Backs | Make Your Own Polymer Clay Gears

Gears aren't just for steampunk jewelry!  Wire artist, Yvonne Williams shows how to make a wire wrapped cabochon pendant using a gear at the back. You can see why she calls the design a Fractal wire wrapped one.  The spokes of the gear are the anchor points.

The technique is reminiscent of the string art pendant and earrings technique. See the tutorial here. The wire coils are spaced regularly too and just like the gear spokes, act as anchor points.  As Yvonne says, you can also use a chain mail bezel and the even links will do the same.  See her chain mail cabochon tutorial here.

If you cannot find large gears, just make your own. Yvonne shows how to make gears from polymer clay in this tutorial .  She uses both stamping or embossing tools or just a simple round shape and a sharp knife like an X-acto blade.

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  1. great idea to wrap stones. we could use chip board gears too and paint them in metallic colours

    1. Excellent idea! I was thinking of using my Cricut to cut them out of say, shrink plastic.

  2. Really neat idea!

    Depending on what kind of design you wanted you could print if off your computer and saw it out of sheet metal.
    The possibilities are endless.

  3. It is a wonderful idea to make the gears from polymer or chipboard!!!!
    But really, the idea for the wrap was brought forward and taught as a class for quite a while by Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation fame. Lisa did the wrap on gears, and also showed how to modify washers and discs to facilitate the wrap designs. Because the folks at Interweave published it and promoted the design through classes at Beadfest and Bead and Button, as well as Lisa making a video for the design, it was literally everywhere.
    Here is Lisa's entry in the 2009 Bead Dreams, featuring many variations on her original theme.'s+necklace.jpg

    Lisa has also made a free video of the base project , with all of the little tips and tricks she developed over years. There might be a few things Yvonne missed to help with making the project:

    As I said, the idea for polymer and other material is a good one. Lots of great possibilities!!! :-)


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