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Soldered Sea Glass Art Decor by SaraLeGrisCreations

Sara Le Gris is very fortunate to live in the Lake District, a picturesque part of Northern England. She is also not far from the coast.  Her Etsy store, SaraLeGrisCreations, makes use of beautiful sea glass and other treasures collected from beaches.  Her soldered sea glass bowls are simply beautiful.

She uses the copper foil and solder method which is the same technique stained glass artists use. These decorative bowls are art pieces.  Having said that, Sara confirms "The bowls are quite solid and can hold their own weight."

Sea Glass and Sea Coal Bowl

Sara said, "Whitehaven in Cumbria has a rich industrial and seafaring past, during the 1700's and 1800's many breweries existed, time and the sea have transformed these fragments of the past into I feel truly beautiful gems."

Sea Glass English Rose
Also lovely are her sea glass and sea pebble flower stalks.

Sea Glass Allium Flower
She also combines sea glass with sea coal!  She explained, "The North of England has a rich mining past, coal was mined along the coast, many seams mined miles out to sea ! Coal still washes up today, it is very light and jet black, looking just like a pebble. Sea coal is a talking point, people can't believe its actually coal!"  Neither can I!

Sea Glass, Sea Coal and Sea Pottery
England's long history means there is much more than sea glass and sea coal washing up on beaches. She also uses sea tumbled terracotta tiles and bricks as shown below : 

The combined beauty of man-made materials and nature's power shows through with her work!

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  1. Wow, the pieces look fantastic

  2. Good Morning! Is there a tutorial that explains how to make soldered sea glass art. It is brilliant and I would love to learn how to do this.

    1. Yes, there are tutorials for tinning. This is the stained glass technique used for doing broken china and glass pendants. You can indeed join pieces.

  3. I'm totally stunned by the beauty of her creations!

    She is incredibly fortunate to live in an area that is so abundant with sea glass, sea coal and pottery.

    Looking at her shop I think I fell in love with every piece she has made.

    Her sea glass lanterns are absolutely amazing. They are all sea glass! OMG!! Pea-green here....

  4. I think I have found something to do (other than collecting dust in a bowl) with all the sea glass I found when we lived on the coast. Beautiful!!! Now to learn a new craft lol

  5. Beautiful work..Its fascinating what a creative person could do with somethings that other people would call debris

  6. Hello
    I would love to learn how to make the soldiered sea glass bowl. Is there a tutorial on this please?
    My email is
    Where do I find the shop to view your pieces please.
    Cheers Philippa

    1. Hi Philippa, There is no specific tutorial for the soldered sea glass bowl. Perhaps you could ask the artisan if she is planning to write one? Just click on the red link which denotes her shop above (or use this URL to go to her store.

      There are also general soldering tutorials like this one -


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