Laura Eccleston of Happy Berry is a British crochet designer.  She shared this lovely cotton yarn and bead crochet earrings tutorial which is versatile as you can change up the colors and beads. Using memory wire is indeed an excellent choice as the metal will retain its shape.  Please do not use your nice flush cutters to cut memory wire as you will ruin them. Use a sturdy wire cutter from the hardware store.

Alternatively, you can create the hoop with say 18 G wire but remember to work harden the wire on your steel block.  You can also get her written pattern through her Patreon site .

Donna Wolfe of Natazia has a different pattern for her crochet wire hoop tutorial.  She used purchased hoop earrings. Her design is not as open as the one above. But the rainbow colors make this a great pair to wear in the summer. These earrings will go with many outfits!

I also like her tip about using nail polish on the yarn end to stiffen it so it can easily thread through the beads. She also has written instructions.

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