Getting into a niche market can often be the right strategy for any micro-business owner.  Judi of Digits Designs does well as she specializes in polymer clay buttons.  She creates the most adorable ones - especially animals and flowers - all of them perfect for those who sew, crochet or knit garments.

Her creativity has resulted in a huge range of designs in all sorts of delicious colors. Judi explains, "There are a few different kinds of clay but I use the best I can find for color and strength. I do test my buttons for washing."  Her buttons are all washable although she recommends hand washing or cold wash cycles only. She recommends "not putting buttons in the dryer only because of damage possibilities from other hard object or banging around in the dryer itself."

These are truly unique buttons. You won't find them elsewhere. Judi is always coming up with new designs and does take custom orders.  She also promotes her discounts and giveaways on her Facebook page.

Eggs and Bacon stud earrings

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