I featured Secret Wood's amazing wood and resin ring creations last year. Since then many people including Peter Brown in this video,  have tried to generate their own versions.  It is not an easy process and all require the use of power tools.  So this delightful fake wood tutorial - really polymer clay and resin with a touch of glitter - by Jackie of NerdECrafter will appeal to those who avoid such tools!

Along the way, she shows how to make a mold.  The wood colored polymer clay is pressed into the mold. Then the splintered wood look is created by removing some of the clay and the space filled with resin. This is a resin project where bubbles are welcome!

She missed a step in the video tutorial which she addressed in the comments - "Many of you are asking about when I baked the "wood" ring. I baked it IN the mold after making the jagged texture for 25 minutes. The mold maker I use is oven-safe, so once the wood-looking clay is in the mold and you made the texture that's when you bake it."

This instructor has a wonderful sense of humor.  She called glitter in resin is "unicorn spit"! After all unicorns fart rainbows and burb butterflies, right?

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