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Frameless Wire Wrapped Gemstone Tree of Life Pendant Tutorial

The concept of a tree of life is an ancient one, as it is part of many mythologies. It is still a popular symbol today. Jasmina Srpčič of Jesseherc shared her tutorial on how to create a frameless wire wrapped tree of life pendant.  I consider it frameless as there is no wire based rim around the gemstone. Instead, the thick foundation wire and integrated bail is hidden at the back.

The wire "branches" and "roots" thus encapsulates the gemstone.

Please not that the instructions do not include how to make the wire foundation at the back.  It is easy enough to make if you have some experience with wire.

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  1. Thanks for this, Pearl! I've been thinking of a similar base frame, hidden at the back, for my wire wrapped designs but somehow the idea was not very clear to me. Now that I've seen it, I might use it :)


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