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Make Easy Metal Connectors from Hammered Wire

You do not have to be a whiz with metal work techniques to be able to make connectors.  Lisa Yang's tutorial shows how to make easy ones from thick hammered wire!  This is a great task to work out any frustrations you have simply from the hammering you will do.  Filing the rounded edges is required.

Lisa also offered great advice (in the comments section) on how to hammer. She said, "Generally, don't whack the hammer down like you do when you are hammering a nail. Hold it somewhat loosely and let the weight of the hammer do the work of moving the metal. Instead of striking the metal, you are doing a little more than dropping the head of the hammer on the metal. This gives you more control over where it strikes and comes out more even. It seems like this would take a lot longer, but it doesn't."

I agree with Lisa - use the simple hole making pliers for this project. The Euro Power Punch which I have and love is better for really thick metal. The dies for this power punch is a little awkward to change.

Add jump rings or double wire wrapped beads to the metal connectors and you will have a unique necklace or bracelet!

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  1. I tried making this as soon as I saw the original tutorial a few years ago. Try making it with copper-wrapped pearls in between -- the pearls and copper are a spectacularly beautiful combination. I made about 8 inches just for fun, showed it to a customer and she ordered a long necklace version plus earrings on the spot. I've made it in different colour combinations with semi-precious and different colours of large or small crystals -- all are stunning. Best part is this design works up really quickly for very little cost to you.


    1. That is a wonderful combination indeed! Thanks for letting us know how beautifully it turned out!

  2. Love Barbara's idea!

    There's something so satisfying about bashing metal! And the results are often so beautiful!

  3. I love these little shapes. I have to say I am not a jewelry artist but I would love to see how they are used in jewelry making


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