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Make Wire Wrapped Rosette Connectors for a Pretty Bracelet

There is nothing wrong with jump rings as connectors.  But if you made your own out of wire, then the jewelry design will take on a unique look.  Check out this lovely wire wrapped connector tutorial by this Vietnamese wire artist, Lan Anh Handmade. The rosettes are very pretty indeed! The DIY also includes how to make the clasp ends.

This designer does not give measurements so you will have to experiment for the rosette sizes you want.  Also note, all the wire bending is done without tools. Naturally, you can make the end loops with either your round nose pliers or a bail forming pliers if you have one.

Someone commented and said that the end loops look like leaves.  Well, you can make them even more leaf-like if you tapered the loops by compressing the rounded ends with your chain nose pliers!

Update :  Lan has since updated with measurements.

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  1. Very pretty. Can't wait to read/watch how she does it.

  2. When I saw the bracelet I thought that it was the spiral rose ring technique. But this one is different and interesting as well

  3. These certainly make pretty connectors.

    The twisting of the two wires makes a lovely rosette.

    Wouldn't it be pretty if you used 2 different coloured wires. The rosette would have a totally different look to it.

    1. That is such a great suggestion for using 2 different colored wires! Thanks, Aims!

  4. This is an easy to make variation of the wire rosette, I like the way she made the connectors - I've tried different ways in the past and they came out wobbly but with this tutorial they will be steadier.

  5. this young lady is amazing we buy every new fancy tool out there she has old tools a wire cutter very rusted she has a God given talent


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