Does your ring size fluctuate during the day or throughout the year depending on the season?  The solution is to wear adjustable rings! Here is the latest one to consider. The tutorial is by metalsmith Soham Harrison. It can be made in 10 minutes!  It is only about the forging as it doesn't really cover the preparation steps before and after.

If you use very thick wire like he does - about 6-8 G, then you have to anneal the wire beforehand i.e. torch it so it becomes softer and easier to manipulate. You could use soft metal like copper and go with something more manageable like 12 G but the hammered ends will not look as good as with thick wire.

The final ring looks wonderfully shiny.  So as the instructor says, the ring has to be pickled (firescale removed in a pickle or mild acid solution) and then polished.

The wire he uses looks like half round wire. The part with use of the vernier caliper and calculator is where he determines the circumference of the ring he wants to make. He adds extra length for a bit of an overlap.

H/T Aims for this find!

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