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Chain Maille Tie Tutorial | European 4-in-1 Weave

Do you have someone who is hard to buy for?  Well, if the men in your life like chain maille, consider making them a cool tie!  Tim Shaw's tutorial shows how you can make one with the European 4-in-1 weave. Doesn't it look smart with a dark shirt!

It will not be heavy if you use aluminum rings. Avoid stainless steel unless you have strong hands! I especially like his easy method to make the tie's "knot".  He uses 18 G 1/4 inch rings.

He also has a super tutorial on the European 4-in-1 weave if you are not familiar with this.

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  1. What an excellent teacher he is! I watched both videos and now have a good idea of how to actually do some chain maille.

    Too bad I didn't see this sooner. Hubby's birthday is on Saturday....sigh....I'm pretty sure I could never get it done in time for that.

    1. There is always Christmas or his next birthday! Plenty of time then!


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