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I really don't know why pearl holes are so small! Such a pain.  So most of us have to ream them to enlarge the holes otherwise they cannot be easily strung. I've tried using a scrap piece of wire with a rough edge before - the usual bead reamers are too large otherwise.  There are also special pearl reaming tools like this fine one which has a double helix flute designed to bore.

But do check out this clever tutorial by Michelle Wood which uses a jewelry saw blade!

It is so easy to do if you have a jewelry saw. The pearls are strung onto the blade and then moved to and fro until the holes are large enough. The serrated edge of the blade will do the job. Here is a useful chart for blade sizes. I would use the finest one and work up to the next one if necessary.

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  1. I love using pearls in a piece but stringing them is such a problem that I often just leave them out. This is a brilliant solution!

  2. What a great idea. Question, I have some emerald beads which are quite small (I can only string them on fishing line) but the holes must be rough or serrated in some way as the line keeps breaking. Would this be a good way to smooth the holes? I am at a loss otherwise as to how to fix the situation.

    1. No. The saw works on the pearls because these gemstones are made from soft calcium carbonate. Whereas emeralds are very hard. Don't use fishing line. Switch to beading wire if you are stringing or Fireline if you are beading.


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