Want to learn how to take jewelry pictures quickly so you can get back to making jewelry sooner?  My next  How to Photograph Jewelry webinar is this coming Sunday September 24 at 2 pm EST.  This is aimed at jewelry artisans who would rather spend their time making jewelry I've learned a lot taking pictures for my blog over many years, so this webinar shares my tips and tricks.

I've had some readers express a wish for alternative days as Sundays are too busy for them.  So if you are interested in Saturday webinars, please add a comment or email me at pearl@beadinggem.com and let me know,

The webinar teaches you about the different kinds of cameras and the most important settings you need to know so you can quickly get going. And not be overwhelmed!  It also covers not just photography but the what is needed for online shops and for easy promotion on social media.

I emphasize efficient work flow especially with the use of smartphone apps. I update this webinar regularly to reflect the rapid technological changes. The refresher cost is $8 but otherwise, the cost is a modest $20 to help cover the cost of the software used.

Please allow 2- 2.5 hours. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss. If for any reason life happens and you cannot make the webinar date at the last minute, I can reschedule for the next one etc.

I will be covering the latest new apps which can help you take better photographs.  As Modahaus light studios are still unavailable, I will also show many ideas to make your own as well and suggest a new product to consider.

There are arguably better phone cameras out there than the iPhones. But for ease of use and the sheer number of available apps, I definitely favor the iOS devices. The iPhone's excellent design makes it a pleasure to use.

If you've been following the news, Apple just announced the iPhone 8 and the 8+ with significant camera improvements over the 7 and 7+.  It also offers wireless charging. Only the + model has the dual cameras for optical zoom which is preferable to using digital zoom.

Note that the 8 and 8+ still have the physical home button, something that will disappear with the totally redesigned and pricier iPhone X - the announcement for this one is scheduled for November.

Should you upgrade?  It depends on your budget and whether you really want the latest. I will discuss more at the webinar.

iPhone 8 review: An excellent phone waits in the shadow of iPhone X

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