The humble round nose pliers is one of the most essential tools to possess. Yet many beginners only use it for making loops.  It can do more than that!  Think multiple loops!  This tutorial by wire artist, Lythong Art, shows the possibilities.

The first two elements shows how you can make reasonably make even wire coils by just coiling in one spot. You can always mark the spot with a marker pen.  My favorite is the one at the extreme right in the picture above.  Very deft turns of the tool!

He then takes it further with these examples. The bracelets are pretty although I would not depend on the wire clasp holding out with extended use. The Christmas tree is cool!

The seahorse tutorial is here.

Once you learn how to use the round nose pliers, you can create all kinds of designs.  I actually used my Wubbers bail forming pliers to create this wire wrapped design which I sold some years ago.  It has the same wire undulations in the frame as what was created in the top video with just the round nose pliers.  I used both sizes of my bail forming pliers. But if you only have round nose pliers, you can easily mark two sizes on the pliers with a marker pen,

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