At the last Grand River Bead Society meeting, Alex, one of our members wore a fabulous beaded geometric butterfly pendant she made. We were all suitably impressed with this folded design which gives the butterfly a 3D effect.  Alex told us who the designer was - Joy Davison (Jay Dee) of The Screamin' Squirrel.

The design is very clever as it is based on a pentagon. It is modified hence it is a warped pentagon!  The panels are created with the peyote stitch and connected with herringbone.

Luckily for us, the designer has decided to free the pattern to the wild i.e. share it. But note this is for personal use only!

The graph pattern is available hereThe regular pattern version is here.

Her Blue Morpho butterfly tutorial is also a stunner.  Another beautiful offering from her Winged Warps series.

Also check out The Screamin' Squirrel on Facebook and share your comments and designs there.

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