It is always a sense of joy when you watch a wire artist at work.  Aubry Bouck of Brandavir Jewelry shows how she made her Light of September bangle featuring a captured sapphire gemstone.   The foundation bangle is very thick wire - 13G sterling silver.  She also uses 18 G and 28 G wire for the rest of the design. Very sure bending of wire with just her fingers.

Aubrey used a metal emory board to file her wire ends. You can also buy small file sets at the hardware store.  If you watch carefully, she had a little furry paw help!

Note : She doesn't show how to ball wire ends - that is a separate tutorial.  I recommend you also check out Kate Richbourg's free micro torch tutorial which I wrote about.  She also doesn't cover how she darkens the piece with liver of sulfur.  Check out my tutorial on the patina and protection process - I used Gun Blue here which doesn't stink like liver of sulfur.

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