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Easy Wire Earrings Tutorial Uses Hammered Tabs Instead of Wire Wrapping

Kimberley Newman is a genius.  Lots of people make wire wrapped earrings with single beads. But her tutorial has a crucial difference. Instead of using a finer wire like 26 G  or 28 G to wrap the beads to the frames, she hammered tabs which are then simply folded over.  Gives a different look, doesn't it?

The tutorial also shows how she uses a marker pen to help form the round part of the frame. If you are using round beads which are smaller (or larger) than a marker pen barrel, consider other mandrels like knitting needles and wooden dowels.

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  1. Are you kidding me?! This is so easy and so effective! What a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for sharing this Pearl!

  2. Sometimes the easiest ideas are the best!!

  3. great idea for people like me who are not patient enough to wire wrap

  4. This is a great one for folks who make their own beads, too (like me). It is such a great way to show off the full beauty of a bead's face. Thank you for sharing this one.


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